Friday, November 18, 2011

‘Manny Pacquiao deserves the title in 3rd rematch with Marquez’

MANILA, Philippines—Amid dismal reviews and controversy, many readers still believed that pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquaio deserved to win in his last bout with Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez.
In a poll conducted on the website, which began Sunday and ended Wednesday, 965 readers or 57 percent of those who voted said that Pacquaio deserved to retain the title.

On the other hand, 732 readers or 43 percent of the total voters believed that it was Marquez who should have declared a winner.

The controversy came after the crowd, mostly Mexican supporters of Marquez, who watched the fight live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena last Saturday night (Sunday morning in the Philippines) expressed displeasure at the decision of the judges.

Marquez also blasted the decision of the judges and insisted that he should have been declared as the winner.

Meanwhile, Pacquaio fans did not take this sitting down and a viral video entitled “Foot Stopper Trick by Juan Manuel Marquez” immediately spread on social networking sites which showed Marquez stepping on Pacquaio’s foot six times during their fight.

Pacquiao had also admitted disappointment at his performance during the fight but insisted that he deserved to win.

However, in Wednesday night’s various TV interviews, he dismissed the viral video, saying in Filipino, “I am not the type who complains a lot. It’s (Marquez’s foot-stepping) OK with me. It’s part of the game.”

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