Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Still zero for Aquino’s love life on Christmas

Unless a miracle happens, President Benigno Aquino III will remain loveless and car-less during the Yuletide season.

At the Christmas Party of the Bulong Pulungan forum Tuesday at Sofitel in Pasay City, Mr. Aquino resorted to humor in fielding questions about his love life.

One journalist tried to ask about the state of President Aquino’s love life in a subtle  way.

“I will not talk about your love life but I have a question about Coke, is it still zero?’’ asked columnist Donny Ramirez,  eliciting laughter from the audience. 

“Is that the question?’’ a laughing President said, apparently not clueless as to the real meaning of the query.

“What I drink is regular,’’ he replied, but added: “The reference to Coke zero is still the same.

President Aquino had earlier likened his love life to “Coke zero,’’ in reference to the variant of a soft drink brand that contains no sugar.

Another told the President she would ask him about his love life but requested Mr. Aquino to talk  about poverty first.

“Somehow, they’re interrelated,” he said.

Christmas in Philippines

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